Etape 2013 / 2014 / 2015

The Brief

The Etape Series is a closed road cycling event in aid of Marie Curie. Thousands of cyclists take part each year enjoying the beautiful scenery and brutal routes across the UK. Mauve were again asked to design an advert along with all associated digital requirements to help launch and market the event.

The Solution

Mauve were able to make great use of the incredible imagery the Etape team had collated from the previous year’s event. This resulted in a strong looking piece that would really appeal to the audience. A beautiful and consistent style was created across both print and digital media. HTML’s, web banners, MPU’s, magazine ads, resident communications and flyers were all produced to help market this great event.


The Result

Mauve and the Etape marketing team achieved a great final outcome and look overall. All deadlines where met along the way, which contributed towards a sell-out event and a successful Etape.

“Working with Mauve on such events makes what is a busy and hectic process easier. Using a company that can print and design means when goal posts inevitably move the process is managed with no harm to the final deadline.”

Marketing Manager IMG

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