Batman vs Superman

We were delighted to be involved in producing Batman vs Superman promotions for the special edition Police watches. Of course printing anything with such dramatic imagery and artwork is always fun but this particular project threw up constant disagreements and arguments in production…

…Who would win the fight? Batman or Superman?


Some would say (and not me if your reading this Batman)… that Batman is just a rich boy playing with his dad’s toys with no real power so therefore one red eye laser glare from Superman would put an end to the argument. Others might say that Batman’s endless resource of slush and cash puts him well positioned to find and capitalise on Superman’s weakness. What ever might happen we look forward to watching the film and the contest unfold.


Moving away from the actual film (just in case anyone is interested)… we produced a range of products that went out to various retailers across the land. Produced on HP Indigos we made good use of white ink to make the artwork come alive throughout all of the graphics, this was complimented by the lovely GF Smith stocks that we chose. Moving on to the watch stand, we produced the super hero icons on dibond, which sat within the watch display, separating the Batman watch from the Superman watch.

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