Can you print on wood?

Of course when asked a question from a potential customer the answer is almost always yes and we will work out how to do it once we put the phone down.

The challenge – something that we had never done before, but knowing what was at stake, we had to learn, adapt and make it happen. This job was a lot more than just “print on wood” – meticulous and careful consideration had to be taken at each and every stage of production. For example: the species of wood, the direction of the grain, possible inconsistencies within the wood, knots or uneven surfaces. The client was after a paticular rustic look, which included random and unusual sized pieces, which had to be handled in an unconventional manner to maintain the print quality. Finally and most importantly, understanding we are working for one of the largest and most well know brands in the UK.

So, how did we get on?

After producing various samples which showcased our attention to detail in both production and customer service the answer is “pretty well indeed”. Our work and approach was well received, which led to further orders supplying stores up and down the land.

Here are a few shots of what we got up to.

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