Dead? Or Dead Slow Campaign

Mauve have worked with the BHS for a number of years and were delighted to assist with this very important awareness campaign. You can see some of our work here in situ as the campaign gets underway.


The Facts

“Over 60% of incidents involving horses on the roads happen between 10am and 3pm, with accidents most commonly occurring in June, new statistics from The British Horse Society (BHS) reveal**.”

“75% of accidents happened because the vehicle passed the horse without allowing enough space, while over a quarter of respondents said that they also had to deal with driver road rage during the incident. The majority of these incidents happened on a minor road and in a rural area. Nearly half of the horses involved were used to riding on the roads more than once a week.”

“The British Horse Society works closely with Government and local authorities, cycling groups and commercial transport firms to educate and change driver behaviour. Working tirelessly to ensure that all equestrians have access to riding outdoors without having to negotiate traffic on the roads, a key focus of the Society is the protection of off road routes. The BHS encourages horse riders to wear hi-vis gear at all times on the road. Even in bright sunlight it can be hard for a driver to see a horse.”


Please take a look at this short video here.

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