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BSA are one of Britain’s finest companies with a vintage history dating back to 1861. The standout manufacturer from Birmingham has been instrumental in not only the innovation and quality craftsmanship across the gun range but were also a key cog in the war effort for both WW1 & WW2. Rifle production increased from 135 to 10,000 per week in two years to meet demand of WW1 whilst BSA manufactured over 50% of all small arms used by British forces in WW2. Once 1940 arrived the factory covered 32 acres and was bombed 3 times in 3 months destroying 4.5 acres, killing 53 & injuring 89. The BSA main reception now honours those who paid the ultimate price for performing their duty. During WW2 BSA made: 568,100 .303 Browning machine guns, 1,250,000 .303 Lee Enfield rifles, 60,000 7.92 ‘BESA’ machine guns.


Today BSA and its acquired brands specialise in high quality precision air rifles supplying over 400 dealers in the UK with the fine Birmingham made guns. Mauve have been working closely with BSA supplying marketing and operational print support.

Today we are very proud to launch our partnership with BSA, providing a marketing web portal for their 400 dealers to access and purchase BSA branded materials to help promote the products and their shops across the UK. BSA dealers will now be able to enjoy a selection of designs for banners, flags, posters and flyers amongst other products throughout the seasons.

John Scott, Director at Mauve, says, “We very much see this as a dealer benefit, if you are affiliated with BSA you will enjoy cost effective print and design services from Mauve to help promote both the BSA brand and products, not forgetting the dealer businesses themselves and we look forward to working with them.”

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