The Mighty Land Rover Defender

The mighty Land Rover Defender production at the Solihull plant comes to a sad end this week. The iconic vehicle will roll off the production line for the final time this Friday 29th January 2016, an end of an era for arguably the world’s most popular 4×4. A favourite with our own Royal Family from King George VI viewing the original Land Rover back in 1948 to Her Majesty The Queen taking delivery of her own Defender in 1952 shortly after coming to the throne. A Great British design that never looked out of place either in a war zone or on the high street, its place in the automotive history books as a world favourite guaranteed.


We recently assisted our friends at Umberslade 4×4 who asked us to come up with a design and style for their new off road experience. Guess what you get to drive? That’s right – the mighty Defender.

If you fancy testing your skills in the iconic defender give those guys a shout. If you would like to see how we can help with your creative or print please get in touch.


For now we say so long and tip our hat to a local legend…

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