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A bit of background

BSA Guns have been a hallmark of Birmingham based manufacturing for over a century. Steeped in the regions rich industrial pedigree, BSA distribute internationally and are a major force in recreational shooting. BSA is a brand itself and owns further brands such as Winchester, Daisy Dixon and Gamo.

The brief

The challenge for BSA Guns is marketing themselves in a constantly evolving climate. The market for leisure shooting has advanced greatly from when BSA first began to trade. The difficulties they currently face are;

Maintaining a large presence in a niche but highly competitive market.

Balancing their identity between being a producer of cutting edge technology and being a famously historical brand.

Utilising their unique British heritage whilst still appealing to a global client-base with varied backgrounds.

Our solution

In order to focus on their strengths in producing premium quality airguns, BSA chose Mauve to develop their branding and customer engagement. BSA and Mauve work well together because;

They are both Birmingham based, so are well tuned in the local tradition and history that is so important to the brand.

Mauve are the right size. Humble enough to offer personal care for clients like BSA but large enough to produce volume at really high quality.

Simply that the work is mutually enjoyable. Mauve are constantly excited to work with an iconic local brand that manufacture truly fine products. BSA take the pleasure of focussing on their products and seeing what Mauve can create for them.

What we deliver

The relationship has developed in to a full service offering. Mauve provide BSA with;


Creative design for print and digital


Advertising for Magazines and Social Media

Content Support & Email Marketing

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