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A bit of background

The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation works tirelessly to care for young sufferers of liver disease across the UK.

They provide emotional support to patients and their loved ones.

Build awareness of the liver diseases currently known.

Raise important research funding for new cures and treatments.

The challenges

Informative Literature

There are 20 children being diagnosed with liver disease every week in the UK. CLDF provides a comprehensive information hub, tailored to support existing and new sufferers, as well as affected families.

Resources have to balance being ultra informative and technical whilst being easy to read and comprehend

Consistency of format and brand across all resources is so important to establish trust and confidence for vulnerable people

Literature has to be available at all times in any location in the country

Fundraising Activities

Fundraising events are held nationwide and need great exposure to be successful. The CLDF has managed to deliver over £9 million of research funding since 1980.

Gala dinners demand premium promotional material without a large compromise on price

The Big Yellow Friday event runs annually and needs the general public’s involvement to thrive. CLDF need promotion that will inspire and get their message to as many people as possible

Every volunteer action, such as a bake sale or marathon run, needs to be kept on-brand. CLDF needs to help every volunteer to stand out

Our solution

The secret to our excellent partnership with the CLDF is in our tone. We understand the severity of the cause and how important it is to communicate in the right manner, whether with one of the unfortunate sufferers or with a potential donator who is new to the charity.

We seek consistency in both tone and branding. With volunteer work taking place all over the UK, we help CLDF manage this with;

Print services, making official resources available to those who need them

Guard the brand by constantly reviewing design work to ensure it remains fresh, consistent, informative and of the right tone

Development of the Big Yellow Friday event logo (CLDFs biggest event)

Supportive Literature for Sufferers and their Families

What we deliver

Our work with the CLDF is very rewarding for both parties. Our involvement includes;

Medical & Support Literature


Event Promotion and Literature

Development of the Big Yellow Friday event logo (CLDFs biggest event)

Supportive Literature for Sufferers and their Families

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