Daish's - Mauve Group

10 Hotels, 9 Locations

A bit of background

Daish’s Holidays own and operate 10 hotels in England and Wales as well as a fleet of 26 luxury coaches running across the country. They cater for over 500 annual tour groups of up to 120 people as well as thousands of new holiday makers each year.

The brief

Daish’s success over the last 40 years has come from striking the right balance between retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones. The difficult challenges they face in maintaining this include;

Constantly evolving a fresh, vibrant and attractive brand whilst keeping familiarity and consistency

Utilising modern media outlets smartly to reach out further

Promote new locations and routes effectively and generate excitement

Our solution

The photography team at Mauve worked closely with the Daish’s family to capture the essence of their holidays.
The keys to hitting the right notes were in;

Showcasing the real enjoyment that customers take from their holidays

Highlighting the beauty of the venues, both the hotels themselves and the surrounding areas

Utilising editing skills to establish a consistent, comforting and pleasant image across all of the sites

What we delivered

The images captured were the driving force of Daish’s fresh 2019 catalogue and brand new website. The photographers spent time with happy customers along the breadth and width of the country, keen to really tap into their experiences. The aim was to provide something special and Team Mauve left no stone unturned in producing pictures that told far more than a Thousand words.

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