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A bit of background

Robert Half International is the largest financial recruitment company in the world. They have over 300 offices worldwide, including 70 locations across 8 European Countries.

The brief

As a considerable force in recruitment, Robert Half have to maintain a consistent and highly professional brand image across their 1000’s of clients, that include companies and individual candidates. Some of the challenges they face are;

Consistency of branded material used across numerous different languages.

Making official resources available in offices all over the world whilst being able to manage centrally and keep tabs on costs.

Maintaining a strong corporate brand throughout whilst keeping it fresh and relevant in a fast-paced market.

Our solution

Our work with Robert Half covers all of the European Offices. We help to manage some crucial parts of the organisation such as;

Ensuring documents used both internally and externally are always correct and in keeping with the brand.

Making sure that all staff have the correct tools to grow the business even further (business cards, marketing collateral, brochures).

Managing these resources diligently, seeing that they are distributed correctly and without costly anomalies such as accidental over ordering.

What we deliver

Robert Half rely on us to produce all of their printed requirements in Europe. Such examples are;

Salary guides, printed in various languages including English, French and German.

Business cards, tailored to each individual. There is an internal ‘club’ award structure for employees, which is reflected with special foil techniques on each card.

Typically overlooked products such as high quality headed paper. Small details that have a large impact on branding.

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