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Netball World Cup – International Legacy Project

A bit of background

Responsible for investing in Olympic and Paralympic sport in the UK., UK Sport approached Mauve to assist on their International legacy project linked to the Netball World Cup hosted in Liverpool in 2019. The project was also delivered by England Netball in partnership with the International Netball Federation (INF).

The project aimed to empower women and girls through the power of netball and the legacy of the 2019 Netball World Cup. The project supported the National Associations of Zambia and Argentina with both grassroots and high-performance aspirations, and has created a platform for development, exchange and growth in both countries.

The brief

In order to make the campaign as effective as possible, UK sport asked for;

A design that would create excitement and bring life to their activities timeline.

Demonstration of the great impacts and outputs of the project.

Attractive imagery and branding that stayed consistent to the World Cup.

Our solution

After completing similar projects with UK Sport in the past, we already had experience in creating something to meet the standard. Our design team focussed on;

Combining bold colours with various graphical features to set an alluring and unique theme.

Using photography as much as possible to tell a compelling visual story.

Establishing safe sharing options for social media to encourage and build organic participation.

What we deliver

UK Sport has developed a multi project partnership with us and will continue to do so moving forwards. They choose us because they trust that we can provide;

Designs with real impact and meaning, not just lazy templates.

Ideas that go further than is expected of us.

High levels of customer care and service, ensuring deadlines are met comfortably.

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