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100 Miles  |  Closed Roads

A bit of background

Held annually, the Vélo Birmingham & Midlands sees almost 20,000 amateur cyclists glide for 100 miles around the very Heart of England. 1000’s of spectators flock to the 2 cities, 12 towns and countless roads in-between, to cheer on the riders and enjoy the experience.

The brief

With an event on this scale, the Vélo organising team face some difficult challenges in;

Promoting the event to attract new entrants

Communicating with 1000's of entrants from across Europe

Informing residents and building excitement in the areas affected by road closures

Managing 1000's of spectators spread across 100 miles of road

Hard tasks; magnified by everyday challenges such as budgets and brand consistency.

Our solution

Having partnered with Vélo since their debut, our collaboration evolves massively every year, just as the event does. We empathise with the organisers and understand their constraints. Our task is simple;

Design fresh, beautiful material that is informative and promotional

Print to the highest quality, on schedule, to budget

The team at Vélo trust our creative flair to shine and our organisation to react to the constant unexpected changes that events of this nature throw up. Team Vélo builds the event every year. Team Mauve protects and nurtures the brand.

What we deliver

We design, print and deliver every resource for the event, this includes;

• Brand Design, Creative Direction and Colour pallet
• 20,000 Participant Route Maps and Top Tube Stickers
• Several Thousand guides for both spectators and affected residents separately
• Hundreds of Media and Corporate Accreditation Passes
• Exhibition Stands, Banners, Hoardings and Mileage Markers
• Digital signage
• 800k production for resident guide x 2
• Various adverts

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